Jews of India

Sir Martin Gilbert:
“The Jews of India, unlike those of China , did not become a forgotten people, not did they lose their knowledge of basic Judaism. Instead, in each generation, they retained sufficient elements of Judaism to enable them, in this century, to constitute one of the more important Jewish communities of the world. Numbering more than 300,000, they formed one of the more vigorous groups which, after 1948, contributed to the ‘ingathering of the exiles' in the newly formed State of Israel.”
(p.140, Martin Gilbert, Letters to Auntie Fori, 2002).

Joan Roaland:
“Despite their microscopic numbers, the Jews of India form an integral part of their country's heritage and as their story – especially their lack of exposure to anti-Semitism- becomes more widely known, India 's reputation for tolerance has grown. Members of all three Jewish communities, the Bene Israel, the Cochin Jews, and the Baghdadi Jews, have made important contributions to their country and have achieved prominence in a number of fields.”
(p.111 Shalva Weil (ed.), India 's Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art, and Life-Cycle., 2002).